The Mensa (R) Honor Society (MHS)

The Mensa® Honor Society (MHS) is open to Young Mensans between the ages of 10 and 18 (or until they graduate from high school, whichever is earlier).  The ideals of the Mensa Honor Society are integrity, intellectual curiosity, academic commitment and service.

In keeping with the purposes of Mensa, the objectives of the Mensa Honor Society are to:


  • Recognize the achievements of Young Mensans who take active roles in their communities, schools or faith-based organizations.
  • Provide recognition for Young Mensans for their service that develops their talents and skills for the benefit of others. 
  • Allow these achievements to be formally recognized by Mensa, schools and other institutions.

1.   Qualifications for Membership:

In addition to being current members of Mensa, the criteria for membership in MHS are:


  • Service: Members must perform a minimum of twenty-five hours of service to school or community prior to admission and an additional twenty-five hours of service per calendar year to remain members in good standing.  The service must be done without compensation.


  • Participation: Members must participate actively in at least one activity outside of school attendance.  This could include such programs as Scouting, music, athletics, or art. These activities may or may not be on a school campus, but simple attendance in a class or lessons alone are not sufficient.


  • Scholarship: Members must remain in academic good standing with their schools or make adequate progress homeschooling.  Repetition of a grade or failure to progress to the next level of academic study will be grounds for dismissal from the Society.  Expulsion from school will disqualify a Young Mensan from Society membership.  Members must demonstrate the ideals of academic commitment and intellectual curiosity in one of the following ways:


  1. Submission of a school transcript showing a grade point average of 3.8 or above on a 4.0 scale. Homeschoolers should select an alternate method unless they have a transcript from an accredited school.  Parent-created transcripts are not acceptable evidence.
  2. Participation in a nationally recognized advanced academic event during the year of the admission to the society or the year prior.  This could include such events as: Academic Decathlon (or its middle school counterpart); Destination Imagination; Math Counts; National Spelling Bee; a national science competition; National Geography Bee or any like competition.  Participation need not include advancement beyond the local level, meaning that the student does not have to win, only participate.
  3. Scores of 3 or above on 3 or more AP exams in at least two content areas.
  4. Demonstrated leadership in an academic role, such as president of a campus or extracurricular club, or leader in a community organization.
  5. Other demonstrable individual achievement in the arts or academics.  Publication in for-profit compilations is insufficient.
  • Character: Applicants must submit at least one letter of recommendation from a school teacher/administrator, ecclesiastical leader, or community representative who can attest that the applicant represents the ideals of the Society (integrity, intellectual curiosity, academic commitment, and a concern for others).

2.   Application Procedure

  • Applications will be reviewed by the MHS Selection Committee, and applicants will be notified of their admission to MHS within eight weeks.  Applications will be accepted year-round.
  • Membership in the Society will remain in effect as long as they remain current members of Mensa and submit the renewal request form providing evidence of the annual service, scholarship, and participation requirements.
  • During the application process, the Committee may request further information or clarification from the applicant.  Failure to provide such will be grounds for a rejection of the application.  If an application is rejected for any reason, the candidate may re-apply after six months.

3.   Recognition

Graduating Young Mensans who are members of the Society in good standing will be entitled to receive certificates of recognition and honor cords (complimentary) suitable for wearing at their high school graduations, pursuant to permission from their respective campuses.  Students must be current members of both Mensa and MHS to receive the cords and certificate.

The cords will only be provided upon furnishing of confirmation of an upcoming graduation.  A letter explaining the purposes and ideals of MHS will be available for Young Mensans to provide to their campus or school district.

Members of the Society in good standing will also receive Certificates of Achievement, with printable certificates available to students below grade 9, and printed certificates being mailed to students in grades 9 - 12.

Beginning May 2014, Young Mensans must have been members of the Society for at least one full year prior to the request for graduation cords.

4.   Leaving the Society

If a member chooses to exit the Society, he/she may rejoin, but the application is treated as original, and all evidence must be resubmitted, including the letter of recommendation.

5.   Contact Information

Questions regarding the Society should be directed to

Applications and supporting documents should be sent to:


attn: MHS

1229 Corporate Drive West

Arlington, TX 76006

6. Certificates of Achievement

The Certificates of Achievement will recognize four levels of membership in the Society.  These levels of recognition will not begin until May 2014.  Prior to that, no level will be indicated on the certificate.


  • member in good standing for at least one year


  • member in good standing for at least two continuous years
  • exceeded service requirements by fifteen hours per year or an 80-hour total


  • member in good standing for at least three continuous years
  • exceeded service requirements by twenty hours per year or a 135-hour total


  • member in good standing for at least four continuous years
  • exceeded service requirements by twenty hours per year or a 180-hour total
  • Submission of a 500-word essay on the impact of academic effort and/or integrity in the member’s life