SEP 2012 - New SoNvM Webmaster - For Real, This Time

Capt. John

In the long ago and far away (80's & 90's in Ventura CA). I maintained two 503(c) and two commercial websites while living with my wife Pat on our 33' blue water sloop "Skorpio. During this time, I earned a USCG 50-ton Merchant Marine Master's License.

Alas, this idyllic existence came to an abrupt end when FedEx bought out kinko's, where I was employed for ten years as a Network Ops Tech. I was offered (along with two others) "a deal we couldn't refuse". FedEx rolled over our seniority, benefits, and gave us a healthy raise in return for our relocating to Memphis, TN.

on January 31, 2010 I retired from FedEx as a Senior Technical Specilaist, and we departed Memphis for Bullhead City, where we purchased our permanent retirement home.