Facts behind the recent dues increase

Recently the AMC met to discuss, and pass, a motion to increase membership dues in 2013. This was an incredibly difficult decision for the AMC and for me as your National Membership Officer. Personally, I tried to balance my vote between American Mensa's financial need and fair payment for the benefits you receive.

As background, the original motion was brought up in earlier board meetings, but the AMC made the final decision in a later conference call. There wasn't any secrecy involved; rather, we had to wait for guidance from Mensa International (MIL). Similar to your membership dues obligation, American Mensa pays dues to MIL, as do all other Mensas. At its meeting in late October, MIL made the decision to increase dues by half.

There were also other reasons that dues needed to increase, including:

  • The goods and services that American Mensa purchases have increased in cost.
  • We want to develop the organization and ensure its continued vitality in areas such as leadership development and technology.
  • Increasing marketing expenditures will help us recruit more members and promote recognition of the Mensa brand.

The board and I realize a dues increase is hard to handle. While the financial need is high, you get a LOT, such as local newsletters; the Bulletin; access to local, national and international gatherings; leadership and volunteer opportunities; development through leader workshops and seminars; discounts on awesome products and services year-round; scholarship opportunities; lesson plans; cool apparel; discounts on the newest games; access to Mind Games® so you can rate those newest games; a stellar social network of intelligent minds like your own; and so on.

If you do a bit or research, you'll find that no other club in the world offers the same benefits we do. We provide an incredible breadth of membership benefits to all ages, nationalities and personal preferences. Given that, I find that what I pay in dues is actually kind of a bargain. I sincerely hope you see the balance between need and benefit in a similar light, and I welcome your questions and feedback. Please reach out to me at